The Arx Approach

Join our Co-Founder and CEO, Tomas, for a new video series where he dives into how you can get the most out of the Arx platform and covers the latest feature updates.

Lot Shape Regularity Index

Do you only want to build on highly geometrically regular lots?

This Arx Approach is for you.


Understanding Topography

Topography is one of the most important inputs to a go/no-go decision when it comes to real estate development, but it’s typically only analyzed on a property-by-property basis after a lot has been identified as a potential deal. Doesn’t that seem backwards to you?

Don’t waste your time fighting an …uphill… battle. The latest update to the Arx platform introduces topographical analysis for every property on the platform – empowering you to identify properties that meet your exact topographical requirements.


Subdivision Analysis

Happy New Year and welcome back to the Arx approach!

This week, we're covering the latest update to the Arx platform – Subdivision Analysis. Now, you can use Arx to identify parcels that are not only subdividable but that can also be divided into a specified number of lots.



Ever get déjà vu when you're looking at real estate data? Are you seeing the same numbers visualized in increasingly creative ways?

And now, for something completely different.

On this week's Arx Approach, we're quantifying the analytics that operators actually care about - business intelligence that yields a competitive edge. Whether you're a builder worried about Permitting & Approvals timelines, a flipper looking to maximize your Profit per Project, or an acquisitions manager tasked with identifying sub-markets with the largest Total Addressable Profit, Arx is here to help.


Financial Models

In this week's video, we take a deep dive into the heart of Arx, its pre-built, pre-populated financial models.

We cover the basics of how to view existing and proposed project characteristics and adjust any assumption to instantly see how it impacts a deal's profitability.

Finally, we review the comparables functionality, which allows you to quickly view recent transactions that support both the estimated acquisition price of a property as well as the potential gross sales revenue of the project.

Get ready to say goodbye to spreadsheets.


Let's Analyze a Property

In this week's video, we delve deeper into leveraging the Arx platform to uncover the best real estate deals instantly. We cover property cards, which provide vital information about properties and potential projects. These cards offer insights into property values, recent comparable transactions, and pre-simulated project details that match your buy box criteria.

We dive into the data available for in-depth analysis, covering property details like lot width and depth, ownership and sales records, and zoning information.

We then review how Arx simulates different projects on a property, ranging from cosmetic renovations to ground-up developments. You'll learn how to evaluate these projects and their associated risks, including considering factors like the number of sales comparables for each project.


Site Selection

Welcome to the first Arx Approach! In this series, we're here to show you how you can leverage the power of Arx to find the best real estate deals in seconds.

In today's episode, we'll dive into the fundamentals of running a site selection process on Arx and introduce our latest feature, parameterized lot width and depth.

We understand that there are countless properties out there, and time is limited for in-depth analysis. The great news is that Arx has pre-analyzed every property, saving you time and effort. Imagine you're an infill developer or an agent looking for single-family development sites that meet your specific financial and time criteria.

With Arx, you can input your criteria, like a minimum return, budget, and project timeline. Arx will then instantly identify every property matching your exact specifications.

But wait, there's more! We offer a range of additional filters to fine-tune your search, including zoning, property sales history, and lot dimensions. Our latest feature provides estimated lot width and depth data for the vast majority of properties in our database, making it a breeze for builders to find properties that work with their exact building libraries.