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Let Arx do the heavy lifting

Arx's AI powered recommendation engine determines what deals you can and should do.

Discover deals, not just properties

Arx is the only platform that lets you search for development and investment deals specifically tailored to your unique strategy, schedule, and capital requirements.

Evaluate financial models, without the hassle of building them

Goodbye, spreadsheets. Dive into fully functional financial models prepopulated by Arx’s predictions. Adjust any assumption, from schedule to construction cost, and instantly see how it impacts the project’s profitability.

Explore actionable data, all in one place

Research anything and everything about a property, including potential projects, existing building characteristics, lot width & depth, zoning regulations, ownership information, sales history, debt & tax records, and much more.

Use Cases

How Arx will help you

From sourcing deals to development feasibility, Arx has you covered.

Source Deals

You’re a broker sourcing properties that support profitable single family fix and flip projects in Los Angeles, to be completed in 4-6 months.

With Arx

Type “Los Angeles” into the location bar.
Select “Fix and Flip” as project strategy.
Select “Single-Family” as the asset type.
Set “4-6 months” as project schedule criteria.
Discover hundreds of profitable deals to further explore.

Development Feasibility

You’re a developer exploring the financial feasibility of a triplex project at 123 Alpha Lane, in Seattle.

With Arx

Type “123 Alpha Lane, Seattle” into the location bar.
Select “Build to Sell” as project strategy.
Select “Triplex” as project asset type criteria.
Open the project model, pre-populated by Arx’s predictions for the most optimal triplex project on the site.
Make go / no go decision.

Our Coverage

Arx's coverage is continually expanding. If you can't find what you're looking for, let us know.


King County, WA
Los Angeles County, CA
Orange County, CA

Asset Types

Single Family
Duplex (Beta)
Triplex (Beta)
Quadraplex (Beta)


Fix and Flip
Build to Sell - Infill

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